The Problem of Increasing Marketing Complexity.

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When you meet a Marketing Consultant from one of the well known agencies he or she will invariably other produce a notepad or use a whiteboard to map out your possible marketing strategy, or they produce the well crafted complex slide presentation.Very quickly their diagram fills with tens if not hundreds of internet platforms you need to use and be prepared to “have a digital presence on”. Their diagram becomes spidery with interlinking flows of content, syndication and viral paths, such that it really starts to looks like a spiders web -­‐‑ with you as the fly. The Internet is suitably called the “world wide web” because of its complexity. This complexity can produce a state of fear and confusion in your mind as a business owner, who just needs a flow of new clients or customers to grow your business.

Usually a few days days after the meeting you will receive a report or proposal that thumps down on your desk and which is so thick you know you will never read it. Even if you do skim through it, the options and costs make you gasp for air. So it joins your pile of other similar Marketing Agency reports to gather dust; but you still left to solve the question of how to use online marketing to grow your business.

Business owners need clear solutions and proposals so that they can make decisions, take action and move on to solve the next pressing problem in the pile that is always crossing their desks. We invented LeadCubes™ to demystify and simplify the complex environment of online marketing for business owners.