Planning Your Shoot

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Discuss your shoot with other members of the production team and make sure you’re clear on what shots you need to tell the story. If you’re on your own, plan all the shots you are likely to need to make up your story and list all the elements you want to get in your video. It sometimes helps to sketch out a rough storyboard.

This will help you to develop your shot list as you will be able to easily visualise what will be required. Think about what’s going to look good visually, and how your shots are going to come together sequentially.

Check all the equipment you will need for the shoot and don’t forget plenty of tape stock, you will use more than you think so take extra rolls with you. Remember to take a tripod or something like an old sock filled with dried peas on which you can rest the camera, this will help to stabilize your shots.

RECCE Your Locations

If possible try to do a full reconnaissance of all the locations in which you hope to be filming. Take note of any permissions or permits you will need to obtain beforehand and familiarize yourself with any potential Health and Safety requirements which may have to be taken into consideration. Look at the available lighting, ask yourself do I need to take in any additional lights or is ambient lighting sufficient? Listen to the sound – do I need special microphones to cope with any extraneous noise or do I need to find a quieter location in which to record my interview with the CEO?

Try to work out a logical progression for the filming so that you don’t have to recover areas you’ve already filmed a previous scene in. Moving from one location to another can take up valuable time in a tight shooting schedule so you may need to shoot out of sequence and rearrange the shots back in order later in the edit suite.

Roll Blank Before You Shoot

Before you start shooting, record at the beginning of your media for at least 30 seconds either with the lens cap on (or with colour bars if your camera can generate them – see your camera manual for setting your camera to display colour bars). This will avoid having any unusable footage at the start of the media appearing in the video you want to shoot.

Planning Video