FSB Event: Business Focus: Internet Marketing – Is your business being found online?…

News: Dateline 20th September 2017

Key LeadCubes partners this week presented to an interested and attentive audience at the monthly meeting of the Federation of Small Businesses.

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This month the meeting was held at the new premises of Aircraft Materials in Stokenchurch, Bucks just north west of High Wycombe close to the M40.

The purpose of the meeting was sharing ways to make your business more visible on the internet with a focus on practical strategies and tools a business owner can employ to increase their online presence  and hence sales whilst maintaining and effective ROI on their marketing budget. All this whilst keeping relevant in a rapidly evolving Internet environment.

Business Focus: Internet Marketing – Is your business being found online?…

Barry Saunders at FSB Event

Excerpt from the event description

This month’s Business Focus is on Internet Marketing

Google continues to dramatically change the nature of advertising on the internet. Site Optimisation is no longer the only weapon in the armoury of the marketer; off-site activity is becoming significantly more important.

Google can spot “technique loaded” websites that try to fool the system and they will be punished with lower rankings. Where your site is linked to, either directly or by off-site process, is becoming a major factor in being found on the internet currently, particularly on mobile devices.

Leadcubes is a Digital Marketing group consisting of experts in the fields of digital marketing, video content strategy & production and technical implementation. This presentation will show in layman’s terms how to compete online in an ever increasing sea of complexity. You will be told about the latest technologies being used and whether they are suited to your business as well as how to keep your marketing budget under control.

Following a lively networking session the meeting comprised three presentations by


Jay Blake TakeOneTV at FSB Meeting Event

An interested audience peppered the speakers with relevant questions and the closing Q&A session was very active and lively.

High Converting Sales and Marketing Funnels presentation by Kevin Butler of Agile Internet at FSB Event High Wycombe
Kevin Butler of Agile Internet at FSB Event

If you would like to discuss how to energise your digital marketing then contact us today.





LeadCubes Present to the FSB