Shoot Selectively


Think before you shoot and don’t waste media. Although media is re-usable, filling it unecessarily on the day means erasing sections later – when you won’t have time. Be aware of what you’re shooting and when the media is rolling.

Don’t roll media unless you’re taking a shot. For example, don’t roll media when you’re changing from one shot to another or focusing. Focus the camera and compose the shot before you start to record. Wait until you have the shot you want and then roll. That way you’ll save a huge amount of time later when you’re in the edit suite and you won’t have to go through hour-long media with a lot of junk to find the 2 minutes of shots you want.

Check Your Audio

Use a good quality microphone to capture the sound. Don’t rely on the microphone built into the camera, generally these are of poor quality and they are liable to pick up handling noise or the sound of the zoom lens. If shooting an interview or a piece to camera (PTC). NEVER use a built in microphone. I can say with all certainty that the sound you get will not be useable as it will probably be inaudible. Be sure to plug a set of headphones into the camera and check your audio to make sure you’re getting good sound, if you can’t hear it through the headphones then you will not be able to hear it in the final production. If all you can hear is background noise then move to a quieter location. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to put this right in the edit and the answer is always “No – that is what you have recorded and sadly there is nothing now I can do to correct it.

It’s easy to forget to plug an audio cord into the camera or to properly set the audio level – and wind up with great video but no audio to accompany it. Audio is just as important for your production as your video. Remember : without good sound all you have is a silent movie!

Going for a Take